Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bees in the Big Smoke - Urban Beekeeping

Rooftop Bee Hives in China
Sourced from cityfarmer.info

So bees, they pollinate plants to aid in the reproduction of flowering plants species. These yellow and black pollinators also produce a sweet sweet elixir that so many love, HONEY!

Bees definitely play an important role in many ecosystems and traditionally haven't been known for their city dwelling inclinations. However, in cities across the globe urban beekeepers are helping to introduce bees in to city areas. In New York, since the urban beekeeping ban was lifted in 2010 popularity has swelled with more and more bee hives springing up on rooftops throughout the city. London has recorded a 220% increase in registered bee hives from 1999 to 2012! [ci]

In Australia there are 10 different species of sting-less bees that only more to a few millimetres; literately taking the sting out mutually benefit relationship. There are a number of companies who have started up programs in major cities around Australia. Two notable organisations in Melbourne are the 'Urban Honey Co' and 'Melbourne City Rooftop Honey'. They are spreading a love of beekeeping and honey :) with hive sponsorship programs, beekeeping course and of course lots of delicious locally made honey.

A cool initiative to bring essential elements of nature back into urban areas. These hives are often put on rooftops and other secluded places, away from passers by. You can register your own hive and become a hobby beekeeper, donate a space where you live for a hive to be located, or just support these urban beekeepers with the purchase of their amazing local honey.

An interesting article for budding Melbourne beekeepers by smart plant. [Link]

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