Monday, 17 September 2012

Passchal Bags: Inner Truck Tubes?

I found these guys on, Passchals Bags make 'Eco Luxury Inner Tube Handbags'


Their products are made out of old truck inner
tubes that the guys for Passchal Bags process and recycle into some pretty awesome stuff!!

They produce travel bags like the ones here, also wallets for both males and females plus a variety of handbags.

Travel Duffle

Sourced from

I love how these bags are a fusion of recycling, practically and fashion. They look good, they are hardier than anything else you could buy and are a clever use of a otherwise discarded material.

Unfortunately they didn't raise enough on to have their product line financed however, you can still find a pretty substantial range on their website:

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  1. I think they aren't continuing! :( that was unfortunate, it seemed like a really cool idea!