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The Holdster Mason Jar Mug

The Holdster Mason Jar Mug

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Many a student throughout history has found him/herself caught short without an essential drinking vessel.

'I don't have a cup you can use, though I do have a old pickle jar'

'Good enough!!'

A conversation heard time and time again I'm sure. :) (a shout out to AJ, a jar drinking extraordinaire.)

Rivet Style with Handle

The boys from 'Holdster' in the U.S have created the perfect solution for the cup or mug deprived. Introducing the 'The Holdster Mason Jar Mug', coming in four practical designs; riveted or cross-stitched, with or without a handle.

The 'The Holdster Mason Jar Mug' starting at AUD$21 slips onto any standard wide-mouth jar, cladding them in genuine leather keeping the heat or cold from your precious fingers.

Cross-stitched without Handle

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"Like many individuals who are awake, I realized the benefits of using mason jars for...just about everything. The only problem was that I love drinking coffee- and coffee is served HOT. There are plenty of Coozies, Coolies, and Cozies out there to solve this problem but I don’t have a pony tail or a mustache and therefore can’t crochet myself a neon cozie and get away with it. So I designed a sexy alternative: Leather, thread, and copper never looked so good- the Holdster was born."

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Enough said I say....

Until recently Holdsters have been made by hand in Burington, VT; a slow and time consuming process. However last month a kickstarter campaign was launched to take this product to the next level. I am pleased to inform you that The Holdster already smashed passed it's US$5,500 goal and is currently (25/09/12) at US$21,000 pledged. Hopefully they will open up international shipping.

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Made from geniune leather and creating a awesome product from a recycled jar is an excellent idea. Good luck to Marsh and Bobby from Holdster.

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