Monday, 19 November 2012

My First Column Garden

Shelf Column Garden

My first attempt at a column garden. I had been thinking of  building one ever since I saw the column garden created By Joost in a previous article I have written. He has made his out of steel rods welded together to make the overall skeleton structure. Weathered steel and strong welding creates a very stable good looking column garden. I don't have any welding equipment or experience in welding, so needed to think of a way to create to structure some other way.

I decided on a combination of threaded steel rods and recycled wood from old pallets. Holes were drilled in-set from each corner and another large hole drilled in the centre to hold the pot plant. Nuts are secured at regular intervals to create bases for the levels of wood. The pieces of wood were treated with coats of linseed oil to protect them of water damage and bring out the natural wood colouring. (More details will be published on The Rework-Shop soon)

Three succulents are vertically stacked on top of each other to create a awesome space-saving column garden. As one waters the top plant, the excess water drips through down to the second and third tier of plants. A shallow glass dish made from the base of a wine bottle captures any further excess. Felt patches have been placed on the bases to protect any surfaces the column garden sits on.

A close up of the top tier

Works well on a window sill

I think it looks really cool and I am very pleased with it. The design can be scaled up to accommodate larger pots in which herbs and other small pot plant varieties could be planted.

I am planning on producing more for anyone who is interested. Contact me, Oliver, for further details.

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