Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Plant Catching: Crowd Sharing Gardening

A screenshot from PlantCatching.com

 Plant Catching is a crowd sharing initiative aimed to connect gardeners within their city.

It should be possible to find plants in your local neighborhood, given by neighbors who also garden. We all like to replace plants or fill a void and try new arrangements for testing whether such a plant will take to the soil or sunlight conditions. And it would be good if the nursery wasn’t the only option.

The avid gardener always has plants to offer. This may be a plant to be divided, perhaps a plant which doesn’t fair well in the garden conditions, or extra seedlings and seeds too. We don’t always know with whom to share this surplus of plants, and more often than not it ends up in the garbage or compost.

PlantCatching wants to solve both of these problems by helping you find new plants close to you and giving you the means to provide your own. It would be very surprising if you did not meet more people with the same passion as you after using PlantCatching!
Sourced from plantcatching.com

As a member of Plant Catching you can share
  • A plant in earth
  • A seed package
  • A bag of bulbs
  • Fruits and vegetables from your garden
  • gardening materials like soil, compost, rocks, containers etc

At any time, one can search for plants in their local area, indicating a precise address, or more a loose a city name. PlantCatching will then automatically generate all active plant donations in the searched area and list them on a interactive map. The donation can then be retrieved and the transaction marked as complete online. 

This is a great idea to use collective resources to help both established and budding gardeners a like to create cool gardens without huge expenses. However, it relies completely on membership so we need to get this idea out there!!

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