Saturday, 29 December 2012

Melbourne's Community Gardens - The Photo List

What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is defined as a 'single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people'

'Community gardens provide fresh produce and plants as well as satisfying labour, neighborhood improvement, sense of community and connection to the environment. They are publicly functioning in terms of ownership, access, and management, as well as typically owned in trust by local governments or not for profit associations.'
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 Benefits of Community Gardens can include:

  • A place to garden for those who don't have the space at home
  • Establishes a greater sense of community and offers a place to develop relationships
  • Encourages and nurtures skills in self-reliance 
  • Promotes more local/seasonal eating and increases awareness of where food comes from
  • Encourages better nutrition through fresh produce
  • Helps people to save money by growing their own groceries
  • Provides opportunity for recreation and outdoor activity
  • Can assist in the beautification of neighbourhoods and increase attitudes of pride and ownership
  • Can provide a medium for inter-generational and inter-cultural interaction

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Below is a list I have begun to compile of the community gardens of Melbourne. It is a ever growing list so please share with me your local gardens.



          Essendon Community Gardens




          Fairfield Community Gardens

Ascot Vale 


          Wingate Avenue

St Kilda 

          Veg Out []


          Ceres Environmental Park []

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          Collingwood Children's Farm []


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Let me know of all the other Melbourne Community Garden so I can continue to update this list

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