Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Garden Balcony (An update - 16/01/13)

I posted an article about my balcony garden very early on in this blog [link]. I mentioned that I would be upgrading in due course. As always time slips by more quickly than one would like. However, I have a 'half-way there' update.

I still have the vertical pallet wall going strong; recently I re-potted all the herbs into larger pots and added some more colour to the mix with a variety of flowering.....things. These pots are all arranged on tiered milk crates facing the house and the living room. I think the green of milk crates complements the natural green quite well.

Balcony in the sun

I transplanted our four tomato plants to a trough I made out of an old fence, lined with builders tarpaulin then spotted with drainage holes. The two in the centre are going well, the two on the outside are struggling a little. I'm not sure why, any suggestions?

I have also been trialing drip feeders made from wine bottles. I cut the bottom off the bottle and punch holes in the lid. Spearing them into the soil, the water drips down more gradually than just a surface water. However, they are have terribly inconsistent flow rates and are definitely still trails!

Tomato plants


  1. Looks nice! I love the way your crates look - like your own nursery ! The pallet looks awesome and i really like your trough with trellis, i had a similar one myself going for a while - but your organization really makes this garden stand out. Is the pallet just holding small containers or does it hold dirt directly?
    -fellow gardener
    (from a zone 7b)

    1. Thank you, the pallet sections are just lined with a builders plastic (in case of chemically treated wood). Maybe difficult to move but at the moment its all good! :)