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The Little Veggie Patch Co and their 'Pop Up Patch'

'The Little Veggie Patch Co is a Melbourne based business that specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of chemical-free vegetable gardens. As much as it is our business, it is our passion to see more people living a greener lifestyle - growing their own vegetables.' [cite]


Matthew Pember and Fabian Capomolla are the men behind one of Melbourne's newest and most 'productive' landscaping companies!

The Little Veggie Patch Company was founded by Matthew in 2008. Fabian who specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of edible gardens joined Mattthew on his mission in 2009.

Together they have been 'greening up' Melbourne one 'Apple Crate' at a time! Sharing the love for fresh food and the knowledge of where it comes from.

Apple crates, as the name suggests are crates that are used transport apples. The Little Veggie Patch Co procure old crates and transform them into instant Little Veggie Patches for the budget conscious.

'There is no major construction required. Upon arrival of your ‘Little Veggie Crate’ all you have to do is fill the crate by first laying it with straw, then topping it up with a good quality organic compost and presto!….you have an Instant No Dig Garden. Each crate comes lined with tough plastic to stop your ingredients seeping out.' [cite]

Being so portable they are great for Schools, Kindergartens and Child Care Centers looking to start up a Kitchen Garden.

The boys also design and installation custom raised bed gardens throughout Melbourne.
More information can be found on their website.

Pop Up Patch



Think community garden, but in the very centre of the city!! In fact you almost can't get more central than Federation Square. On the top level of a car park behind Melbourne's Federation Square, 'Pop up Patch' has been giving members an opportunity to get their hands dirty, their thumbs green and grow some veggies!!

'The Fed Square Pop up Patch is a subscriber based edible gardening club allowing and encouraging you to farm your very own produce smack bang in the city. Subscribers will have their very own little veggie crate prepared by the Little Veggie Patch Co, filled using their special no-dig garden recipe; the perfect infrastructure for growing great produce.' [cite]

Interested parties (individuals, families, friends) can subscribe for a period and have access to their very own crate or crates! To grow whatever they feel like!

'For the price of a coffee a day, you can come and go from as you please, growing herbs, lettuces, giant zucchinis, jack’s bean stalk, in fact whatever it is that gets your tummy grumbling.' [cite]

One interesting and rather unfortunate issue that has presented itself in recent months is theft and vandalism!! Long nurtured crops have been found slain or missing! As a result security during opening hours are present and everything is locked up after hours with CCTV cameras keeping an eye on your much loved produce!

Their promotion video for 'The Fed Square Pop Up Patch'

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Matthew and Fabian are doing an awesome job at promoting healthy eating and educating people on where their food comes from and more importantly how to grow it themselves!!

They have also just released a book 'The Little Veggie Patch Co: How to grow food in small places'

'A complete A–Z of Edible Plants gives you vital information on more than 40 vegetables (and fruit trees), including detailed planting information, ongoing maintenance advice, tips on best companions and when to harvest. And the Weekend Activities scattered throughout the book will get the kids involved too, whether they’re Making a Scarecrow, Building a Spud Tower or Growing Beans in a Bean Can.' [cite]

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