Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Balcony Garden Re-location

A few months ago I built a balcony garden out of an old fence [link]. It turned out really well for a first attempt and looked pretty good! However, recently it had to be moved to a new house. It survived the move and I was pleased to find most of it was able to fit on the new balcony! With a bedroom on either side, it has turned a dull, disused space into a nice green space distraction!

What the boring, grubby balcony looked like before the move. It really just looks like dead space as so many balconies tend to be. So I gave it a good scrub down, washing the floor and the windows.

............ then the transformation

It turned out like this!! The stepped troughs fit perfectly on either side of the doors.
Against the railing there are two of the four tomato plants. Looking a little sad after 10 days of 32+ C degree weather.

The bench is in the centre of the railing looking back at the troughs. It was not the intended but it seems to work well.
Then a couple of succulents are just sitting on either side of the bench.

Some comparisons to the last balcony location:
  • North facing - Much better sun, longer access, not so much harsh afternoon sun
  • Sheltered - Not as exposed as the last balcony, wind is not longer an issue
  • Perspex roof - Sheltered from rain as well, so everything needs to be watered by hand
  • We have a problem with caterpillars! 

A short video giving you a tour of the place.

I'm interested to hear what you think? Try to stay constructive! 

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