Wednesday, 24 April 2013

'Everyday Adventures' by Seymourpowell

Every day in every city around the world, people are pursuing their own adventures, big or small.

As part of a collaboration with Seymourpowell I want to share with you a YouTube series...

Seymourpowell teamed up with Nokia and DesignStudio to explore what ‘everyday adventure’ means to different people around the world, and how the city where they live shapes their lives.

In one film, Seymourpowell traveled to Los Angeles to talk to locals and find out how their everyday adventures are able to transform an afternoon, a week or a life. Other films spotlight the cities Istanbul, Shanghai, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires

Seymourpowell, a leading design and innovation firm, has a strong focus on ethnographic research. Using its well known methodology, their team was responsible for creating and producing the content used in the films in these Nokia’s Connecting People series which explored how mobility empowers people to live adventures everyday.

Some interesting videos, I like the cinematography though maybe a bit too artsy with not enough adventuring going on! My favourite so far is the LA one.