Sunday, 21 April 2013

How Bikes Can Save Us - Infographic

An awesome Infographic from on How Bikes Can Save Us! As countries are becoming ever more car orientated, their citizens are feeling the effects at their waist-lines, wallets and watches. The sedentary lifestyle that commonly comes with a heavy reliance on powered vehicles is costing individuals, companies and countries huge amounts of time and money. Everything for wasted hours in traffic jams to ever increasing medical expenses due obesity rates can be positively influenced by MORE PEOPLE RIDING THEIR BIKES!!

Some interesting facts (taken from the infographic)

  • 20 bikes can be parked in the space of 1 car.
  • An MIT study in France found that bikes are up to 50% faster than cars during peak hours of traffic.
  • By adding 30 minutes of cycling to your day, one can save up to US$544 annually in medical expenses.
Check out the infographic below...

How Bikes Can Save Us

So get out of the car and on to your bike! It will save you money and maybe even save your life!

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