Monday, 8 April 2013

Solar Charging Station in Melbourne

At a local community park I found this; it is solar charge station for electric vehicles! A government initiative and part of the Victorian Government Electric Vehicle Trial, this station is available to the general public providing them with a spot to charge their electric vehicles. The trial was established to better understand the process, timelines and barriers for making the transition to electric vehicle technology.


'Current electric vehicles will take around 5 hours to fully charge from flat and it will cost about $3 compared to around $15-17 for petrol to get equivalent distance of 100km. The ChargePoint is designed to deal with advances in vehicle and battery technology to enable faster charging in the future.' [cite]

A 2.82 kW photovoltaic solar system has been fitted on the station's roof, which is angled and orientated to maximise electricity generation. The array is the size needed to offset the electricity used by a standard electric car in one year. Any power drawn from the grid is renewable energy sourced and is therefore emission free.

The charge station also has the capacity charge electric bikes (E-bikes) which will also  hopefully encourage the adoption of this technology as well!

This project was funded by a 'Green Precincts Grant' provided by the Federal Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. Additional partners included, Delta Energy Systems Australia and Q –Cells Australia.


A pretty clever little station, which works well in Australia with all the sun we have. The station was completed in March 2012 and I couldn't find much information on how it has been going (effectiveness, community reception, costs etc). If you have some more information this initiative do not hesitate to contact me.

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