A blog from a city dweller, turning grey to green. Sharing photos, articles, experiences on sustainability in urban areas.

My name is Oliver, I am a Civil Engineering graduate living in Melbourne, Australia.

I have become increasingly interested in urban sustainability. I appreciate how truly important the idea of sustainability is for anyone who wants to still live on this planet in the future.

With ever more people around the world moving to cities the issue of how to live sustainably together is only becoming a more pressing issue.

I am a city lover and have been captivated by the ideas and solutions people locally and around the world have come up with to start turning their neighbourhoods, their cities into greener, more sustainable places to live.

So many people, and countries for that matter, are all talk and no action!! This blog is designed to communicate issues surrounding urban sustainability but more importantly share ideas and solutions that people are working on NOW. I want to show everyone solutions that can be and are being done as you read this article, not things that are speculative and only possibilities (including doomsday media articles).

   Urban Growth is on a mission to.....

  • Combat climate change through global education and crowd-sharing
    • Communicate sustainable green initiatives
    • Promote recycling and recycled materials in order reduce waste and product inefficiencies
    • Encourage environmental awareness 
    • Promote sustainable living on a realistic level 
    • Educate people about food and where it comes from
  • Turn grey, boring urban cityscapes into engaging 'smart' green spaces. 'Smart' being suitable for location, environment, efficient, self-reliant, productive?
  • Share and create really cool green spaces

I am always looking for  new content. So if you are working on something or know of anything that will help 'Urban Growth' on its mission please contact me on  > urbangrowth00@gmail.com <

If you are a budding writer and would like to help produce some articles for 'Urban Growth' do not hesitate in getting in contact!

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